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  • I saw Mr Dannawi over a year ago. By that time, I was bed bound most of the time; with his outstanding skills, he performed a 2 level spinal fusion. One year down the line, I am fully rehabilitated and PAIN FREE. My back now is stronger than ever. I am thrilled with the result and cannot thank Mr Dannawi enough. A miracle worker. Thank you.

     Mrs T Chamberlain- Spire Wellesley


  • Just few words to say how delighted I am with the outcome of the Spinal fusion I had. Prior to the operation, I was in constant back pain taking Gabapentin, Tramadol and Naproxen at the highest allowed doses. I had not left the house for 7 months apart from attending hospital appointments. It is now a year since the operation and my life is transformed. I have not used any pain killer and recently had a two week holiday in Cyprus having not been able to sit through a flight in the previous two years. I am also walking every day, an activity I had given up prior  due to pain. I cannot thank you enough for what having this surgery has given back to me.

      Mrs H McLaughlin- Rivers Hospital

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